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2009 – Textile sensors to measure sweat pH and sweat-rate during exercise

Authors: Coyle, Shirley & Morris, Deirdre & Lau, Kim & Diamond, Dermot & Di Francesco, Fabio & Taccini, Nicola & Trivella, Maria & Costanzo, Daniele & Salvo, Pietro & Porchet, Jacque-Andre & Luprano, Jean.
Date: 2009
Link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/224571129_Textile_sensors_to_measure_sweat_pH_and_sweat-rate_during_exercise


Sweat analysis can provide a valuable insight into a person’s well-being. Here we present wearable textile-based sensors that can provide real-time information regarding sweat activity. A pH sensitive dye incorporated into a fabric fluidic system is used to determine sweat pH. To detect the onset of sweat activity a sweat rate sensor is incorporated into a textile substrate. The sensors are integrated into a waistband and controlled by a central unit with wireless connectivity. The use of such sensors for sweat analysis may provide valuable physiological information for applications in sports performance and also in healthcare.

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