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2019 – A Capillary-Evaporation Micropump for Real-Time Sweat Rate Monitoring with an Electrochemical Sensor

Authors: Xiao-Ming Chen, Yong-Jiang Li, Dan Han, Hui-Chao Zhu, Chun-Dong Xue, Hsiang-Chen Chui, Tun Cao, Kai-Rong Qin
Published: Micromachines (Basel). 2019 Jul 7;10(7):457.
Link: https://doi.org/10.3390/mi10070457


Sweat collection and real time monitoring of sweat rate play essential roles in physiology monitoring and assessment of an athlete’s performance during exercise. In this paper, we report a micropump for sweat simulant collection based on the capillary-evaporation effect. An electrochemical sensor is integrated into the micropump, which monitors the flow rate in real-time by detecting the current using three electrodes. The evaporation rate from micropore array, equivalent to the sweat rate, was theoretically and numerically investigated. The designed micropump yields the maximum collection rate as high as 0.235 μ L/min. In addition, the collection capability of the micropump was validated experimentally; the flow rate through the microchannel was further detected in real-time with the electrochemical sensor. The experimental maximum collection rate showed good consistency with the theoretical data. Our proposed device shows the potential for sweat collection and real-time monitoring of sweat rate, which is a promising candidate for being a wearable platform for real-time physiology and performance monitoring during exercise.

Keywords: capillary–evaporation effect; electrochemical principle; micropump; sweat collection; sweat rate.

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