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2020 – Nocturnal Perspiration as a Parameter and Predictor

Introducing the Q-strip to quantitatively measure nocturnal perspiration: a review of literature

Authors: L. Bedrosian, K.H. Jolink

Date: 17-04-2020


One third of a person’s life is spent on sleep, therefore the quality and habit of sleep affects health. A single case study indicated that perspiration could serve as a prognostic marker. Diagnosing nocturnal perspiration is common clinical practice, since this serves as a major symptom in many pathologies. Till this day no specific evidence-based approach for diagnosing nocturnal perspiration exists. By introducing the Q-strip, a device which quantitatively measures nocturnal perspiration, this could be acquired. The Q-strip could serve a purpose in diagnosing nocturnal perspiration more efficient without being intrusive. In addition to its health sensing potentials, the Q-strip makes it possible to visualise perspiration patterns. This introduces the possibility to examine the quality of sleep. Future research is recommended to investigate this.
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