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1975 – Use of Dew-Point Detection for Quantitative Measurement of Sweating Rate

Authors: G.L. Brengelmann, L. McKeag, L.B. Rowell
Date: 1975
Link: https://journals.physiology.org/doi/pdf/10.1152/jappl.1975.39.3.498


A method of measuring sweat rate (SR) based on detection of dew point (DP) is proposed which has advantages that may be attractive to other laboratories concerned with recording SR from selected areas of skin. It is similar to other methods in that dry gas is passed through a capsule which isolates several square centimeters of skin surface. The difference is in the means of determining how much gaseous water is carried off in the effluent moist gas. The DP detector used is free of the drawbacks of previous devices. DP is obtained through the fundamental technique of determining the temperature at which condensate forms on a mirror. Variations in DP are tracked rapidly, and accurately (+ or – 0.8 C nominal, sensitivity + or – 0.05 C) over a wide range ( -40 C to +50 C) without measurable hysteresis. The detector asembly is rugged and readily opened for cleaning and inspection.

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